A conversation with the Creative Entrepreneur, Philanthropist + Entertainer DJ Irie....


ART HIVE: What first got you interested in music, and more specifically, becoming a DJ? 

All thanks to my parent’s influence on me. We didn’t have a TV room, we had a music room at our house and my father was quite the audiophile amassing an incredible collection of some of the most iconic musicians at the time. It didn’t take long for me to give in and catch the audiophile bug and willingly submersed myself into the music and also became wildly obsessed with vinyl records.

ART HIVE: Tell us a bit about the motivation behind your Spin’iversity DJ training program? 

Spin’iversity was actually the brainchild of myself and a buddy of mine named Mark Tamis. Mark was overhauling the music/DJ program at Carnival Cruise Lines at the time and we ended up developing Spin’iversity as a comprehensive professional DJ training program to elevate the caliber of DJ roster deployed on CCL Fun Ships to the highest standards.