Erin Bassett- Florida, USA

The organic textures and jewel tones of Erin Bassett’s textile art captured our attention some time ago, and she was one of the artists included in the Summer 2017 issue of Art Hive Magazine;  We reconnected with Erin recently at Whitespace Collection and are featuring her today for #TextileTuesday.


Erin Bassett is an award-winning artist based in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Her artistic journey began with painting lessons in her grandmother’s garage at the age of 5, the gift of a camera at the age of 18 and the discovery of fabric at 28. She now has her own company, Erin Bassett Artistry, which aims to create unique, sophisticated, one-of-a-kind textiles and fabric sculptures for the home and body. Her inspiration comes from her fascination with the characteristics of silk and the beautiful seascapes of the local Florida reefs. Erin designs, sculpts, and creates artistic wall art and wearable silk accessories, as well as site-specific fabric installations that are graceful, elegant and original. She has been an exhibiting artist since 2002 after graduating from the University of Florida with a BFA in Creative Photography and continued through her studies at the Savannah College of Art + Design, where she received her MFA in Textile Design in 2012.


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Jason "JaFLEU" Fleurant- Florida, USA

Jason "JaFLEU" Fleurant is a self-taught Haitian American Cartoonist based in South Florida. The creator of Treal Toonz, JaFLEU uses his art to "Express the Inexpressible". JaFleu has been featured in numerous local publications (including Art Hive!) and most recently a cover story in the South Florida Times.  Elongated forms, vibrant colors and a sense of humor are all hallmarks of his unique style in his drawings, paintings, murals, comics and works printed on garments.

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Joey Stupor- California, USA

Joey Stupor currently lives in Newport Beach, California where he has been painting with acrylics for about five years but has been creating his entire life. Stupor is fascinated by crystals, small things that people over look in nature, and mysteries  that could be hidden around the cosmos as depicted in his dreamlike images.

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Katelyn Fay- Florida, USA

Katelyn Fay is a multi media artist, designer and musician from South Florida currently living in Boca Raton, Florida.

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Her work is playfully experimental, using Crayola products such as crayons, scented markers, glitter and has a strong figurative and fashion influence.


McKenna Ihde- Washington USA

McKenna is an acrylic painter and mixed media artist that currently resides in Leavenworth, Washington. She was born in Wisconsin to two teachers. She graduated with a degree in the Fine Arts at the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay. McKenna gravitates towards the use of fabrics and old paper in her paintings to extenuate her already bold and bright mobile strokes. She aims to create worlds within worlds in her mixed media work. Each painting has many pieces, just like a city has neighborhoods.

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Pedro Mainman- Barcelona, Spain

Pedro Mainman is a figurative artist from Barcelona, Spain that uses the human figure as a means to criticize contemporary ideas about racial, sexual and social identity, emphasizing both the physical reality of the human body and its psychological value.

 He is a researcher of the human nature. His inspiration is human emotions, his palette the stories that these suggest. 

Each of the characters portrayed in this "Galerie Pathétique" serie of mixed media on canvas paintings has something of the painters most intimate and vulnerable part which he opens up and shares with the spectator in an exercise of courage, stripping his interior through the psychology of the portrayed as if all were one with the rest of the mankind. What results to be a big universal since as a human beings share dreams, wishes, joys, fears, pain, sadness or melancholy…  together with the rest of the human gender. “It´s amazing how the deep and core of people’s lives, the essential, is very often connected beyond gender, borders or even time“.

His distortions of the human figure, androgynous and intriguing, represents the hero inside each human being, the one who remains standing with dignity after the battle, as finding beauty and strength in it´s own drama.

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Meikel S. Church, Arkansas USA

Meikel S. Church is a North Little Rock, Arkansas based collage/mixed-media artist who challenges concepts of perception through his artwork. Meikel started creating collage in 2013 and quickly became addicted to the absurdity of taking found images, mostly from old books and magazines, and reimagining the meaning and context of the original intent. Meikel is drawn to old, stained, worn, rusted, and torn images. 

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