Artist Spotlight: Erica Stinziani, Connecticut USA

Although she is more well-known for her wedding photography, Erica Stinziani of Stella Blue Photography caught our eye from her colorful and whimsical images of Cassie Stephens, art teacher extraordinaire (Issue #26).  A peek through the Stella Blue portfolio shows that same attention to detail that made Cassie’s photo-shoot images so fun, with a focus on capturing those fleeting moments and turning them into memories to be treasured for a lifetime.


Artist Spotlight, Gerard Boersma from the Netherlands

Gerard Boersma paints people on the streets, in stores, public transport and
museums, showing the way people see themselves, interact or are influenced by modern developments in various ways. The artist is able to freeze time in our fast and busy lives, forever capturing that moment in his work in a moment- the moment that we slow down and quietly observe.

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